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Welcome to Aabatis! Home of the rare and hard to find Coming of Age films, documentaries and shorts from around the world! Shop with confidence using our Google checkout cart. We ship Worldwide!

An early work of de la Iglesia, EL SACERDOTE tells the often shocking story of a troubled priest in a desperate battle for his own soul. Set in a strict Catholic parish house, the film takes a piercing look into the tortured souls of mortal men who have buried the most human desires in service to God. Father Miguel is a man in physical and psychological torment. Obsessed by images and fantasies of sex, he has sunk into a suicidal mid-life crisis of conscience. Should he surrender to temptation, and possibly be forced to leave his order, or stay and fight the demons of the flesh which may ultimately destroy him?

(Spain, 1979) Director: Eloy de la Iglesia. Color. Running Time: 96 minutes. In Spanish with English Subtitles. Unrated. Full frontal nudity.

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Directed by Jean Dellanoy from Roger Peyrefitte's controversial 1945 novel, THIS SPECIAL FRIENDSHIP is set in a Jesuit school for boys. The school bristles with sexual tension, and the youths are counseled daily to guard themselves against impure friendships. Sixteen-year-old George, a naive new arrival, is shocked to discover that the classmate who first befriended him is having an affair with another boy. Before long, however, George himself has fallen head-over-heels for Alexandre, a striking 12-year-old in the lower school. They meet in secret, exchange poems and swear eternal friendship in a blood ceremony. Both young men blossom and grow as a result of their fleeting intimacies, but itís only a matter of time before the nature of their relationship is discovered.

Considered scandalous upon its initial French release in 1963, THIS SPECIAL FRIENDSHIP remains just as moving and memorable five decades later. Its sensitive handling of controversial subject matter, superb production values, and the haunting, open innocence of Didier Haudepin as Alexandre made this recently-rescued classic a cinema landmark.

(France, 1963) Director: Jean Dellanoy. Black & white. In French with English subtitles. Running time: 99 minutes. Unrated.

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Their immune systems tragically damaged at birth, TOM AND LOLA are two beautiful children forever isolated in plastic bubbles. But neither cold urethane nor chillier hospital technicians can keep down the beguiling spirit of these indomitable siblings. Nor can anything stop their quest to one day run naked and truly free, unbound from the medical shackles that bind them.


(France, 1992) Director: Bertrand Artuys. Cast: Marc Barman, Cecile Magnet, Celia Varini, Neil Stubbs. Color. Running Time: 98 minutes. In French with English subtitles. Unrated.

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In conflict with his father over a decision to pursue a bullfighting career, sixteen-year-old Miguel begins his study at La Escuela de Tauromaquia, Madridís famed school for matadors. Surrounded by his fellow students, Miguel will quickly learn that in the arena, one must be ready to face death "tu solo"... on your own. In this fascinating docu-drama you will meet an amazing group of dedicated youngsters, ranging in age from eight to eighteen, as they live and breathe the controversial sport of bullfighting as well as the world of machismo. At times heart-stopping, this unique coming-of-age film does not star professional actors, but the students themselves. Experience all the drama, joy and heartaches of the sport unknown to America. You will be on the edge of your seat when watching Miguel and his friends face the bulls.

Death-Defying Excitement!

(Spain, 1984) Director: Teo Escamilla. Cast: Josť Moratalla, El Chino Torero, Lucio Sandin. Color. Running Time: 95 minutes. In Spanish with English subtitles. Unrated.

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Haunting and hypnotic, VITO AND THE OTHERS is the groundbreaking film which drew international attention to the problem of neglected youth and street crime in poverty-stricken Naples. The film's opening moments are startling and deeply disturbing. A despairing Rosario has just murdered his wife and daughter at the dinner table on New Year's Eve. Somehow, Vito quietly convinces his father to drop the gun, spare their lives and call the police. Placed in the custody of sexually abusive relatives, Vito is left free to roam the trash-strewn backstreets of Naples where he and his friends engage in drug abuse, prostitution and petty crime. Ably acted by a large cast of nonprofessional street kids, VITO AND THE OTHERS is a heartrending portrait of innocents without a future.

(Italy, 1991) Director: Antonio Capuano. Running time: 90 minutes. In Italian with English subtitles. Unrated.

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Set sail with a dozen sun bronzed boys on a field-trip through history in this fascinating documentary originally produced for French television. This home video version is culled from all thirteen episodes and features a real-life cast of handsome young adventurers on board the sailing ship Karrek Van. The boys are students from an experimental school and the assignment is to follow the trail of Christopher Columbus on his journey to the New World. The emphasis is definitely on education, but along the way there's plenty of time for fun, with the usual teen hi jinks plus whale watching, snorkeling and good old fashioned skinny dipping. WESTERN LIGHTS combines the excitement of an ocean adventure with a new approach to learning and the result is a unique and entertaining piece of cinema verite suitable for the kid in all of us.

(France, 1995) Producer: Michel Noll for Quarter Latin. Color. Running time: 120 minutes. In French with English subtitles. Unrated.

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A student strike at a Danish boys school is the backdrop of YOU ARE NOT ALONE, hailed by critics as one of the most lyrical and affirmative coming-of-age films ever made. Director Lasse Nielsen's leisurely paced tale explores the relationship between 15-year-old Bo (Anders Agenso) and Kim (Peter Bjerg), the younger son of the stern boarding school headmaster. Mounting school tensions over the expulsion of a troubled student threaten to sabotage the tranquility of the school.

John Hartl, Seattle Times: "Gentle and funny in the style of Truffaut..."

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: YOU ARE NOT ALONE is a freshly scrubbed slice of life from Denmark, about the precocious kids in a boarding school and their rather astonishing variety of various initiations..."

Bob Palmer, Cincinnati Enquirer: "A humorous and critical expose of life in a Danish boarding school. Reminiscent of Lindsay Anderson's 'If...,' this fresh and forthright glance at the cruelties and kindnesses of a group of precocious children goes far beyond the formless British film."

(Denmark, 1978) Directors: Lasse Nielsen, Ernst Johansen. Cast: Anders Agneso, Peter Bjerg. Two-disc set. Disc 1 running time: 48 minutes. Disc 2 running time: 44 minutes. Combined running time: 92 minutes. Color. Stereo. DVD Bonus: Trailer, 17-picture photo gallery, 40-picture photo gallery of Peter Bjerg at 15, 38-page press kit. Unrated.

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